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Smoothie Board 4XC – R v1.1


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The same as the smoothie board 4XC with a 1A voltage regulator on board

The New !  1.1 version

– upgraded stepper drivers to A5984 with 32x microstepping

-added a solder jumper (JP36) for MS3 on new A5984 drivers

– changed the current limiting resistors (R78, R65-R68, R84-R85) for VBB powered LEDs to 8.2K

– added an electrolytic capacitor (C84) to the 5V power system

– moved the electrolytic capacitor (C63) for the 5x mosfet set and increased its footprint size

– added flyback diodes (D7-D9) to small mosfet outputs to protect from inductive loads like small fans

Basic Features

  • All-in-one, ready to use controller board
  • 4 stepper motors drivers, 1/32 microstepping
  • 2 small MOSFETS
  • 2 big MOSFETS
  • 4 thermistor inputs ( for reading temperature )
  • 6 end-of-course endstop inputs
  • ethernet connector

Why buy a Smoothie Board?

  • 32bits ARM-Cortex M3 microcontroller, running at 120Mhz
  • Integrated 4GB micro-SD card
  • Easy configuration by editing a file on the micro-SD card
  • Ethernet support, presenting a Web interface, and a Telnet interface ( for Pronterface )
  • Direct access to the micro-SD card when connected to a computer via USB
  • Concurrent access via serial using host software, on the same USB cable
  • Digital current control of stepper motor drivers ( no more tweaking potentiometers with a screwdriver )
  • More precise and higher speed movement
  • More correct and longer-ahead prediction of acceleration and movement
  • Multiple arm solutions ( cartesian, delta, h-bot, etc … )
  • Hostless usage possible with a control panel
  • Good heatsinking, allowing full use of the stepper drivers potential
  • Many configuration options
  • SPI, I2C and serial port, free GPIO pins available for extension
  • Can be easily interfaced with external drivers for use with more powerful stepper motors
  • Can control a laser tube for laser cutting
  • Can control a spindle and other accessories for a CNC mill.
  • Very active community and development
  • Rich documentation
  • Modular firmware making it easier to add features and to integrate into new machine designs
  • Provided pre-flashed and ready to use
  • RepRap compatible

Additional information

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Dimensions 220 × 210 × 60 mm


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