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LokBuild 12 Inch Build Plate


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LokBuild is a new 3d printing surface for fused filament fabrication 3d printers. The build plate is 12 inch square, 305mm x 305mm and can be easily cut to suit your bed size with a sharp pair of scissors. The build plate has successfully printed the following materials:


colorFabb_XT, colorFabb nGen, colorFabb_HT, colorFabb XT-CF20 (carbon fibre)

Polymaker PC-Plus (polycarbonate), Polymaker PC-Max (polycarbonate), Polymaker PolyFlex, Ninjaflex

Woodfill, Bronzefill, Copperfill, Brassfill

LokBuild Features

  • Optimal 3D Printing Surface
  • Improves Model Adhesion
  • Reduces Warping
  • Easier Nozzle Height Calibration
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Protect your Build Plate
  • Easy Removal of Completed Prints
  • One Build Surface for most materials
  • Easy to Install and Remove

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 340 × 340 × 5 mm


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