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CR10 Flexible Magnetic Bed Kit


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Flexible Magnetic Bed Kit designed to fit any FDM 3D Printer with a 310mm x 310mm bed. The flexible bed is designed for easy removal of prints by flexing the bed. The kit consists of three parts: a flexible stainless steel plate with a lifting tab and corners removed to clear screws on the printer bed,a magnetic sheet and  a 3M transfer tape to fix the magnetic sheet to the printers bed.

Suitable for a CR10

  • Flexible bed attached to the printer via magnetics for easy removal of prints.
  • Excellent uniform distribution of heat from a heated bed via the magnetic sheet and stainless steel flexible bed.
  • Tested to 150 degrees Celsius without loss of magnetism.
  • Simple installation.
  • Flexible bed can be hot swapped after print if you have multiple flexible beds (advisable to use appropriate PPE).
  • Build plates can be adhered to the flexible bed.


  1. Advisable to remove any existing build plate.
  2. Adhere the 3M transfer tape to the magnetic sheet, adhere to the less magnetic side (the non shiny side).
  3. Shape the the magnetic sheet to suit your printer bed using a sharp modelers knife or a pair of sharp scissors.
  4. Adhere magnetic sheet to printers bed.
  5. Attach flexible bed to magnetic sheet with tab facing forward.
  6. Fix build plate to flexible bed.


The flexible stainless steel sheet maybe slightly scratched due to manufacturing processes but does not effect its performance.

Additional information

Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 320 × 350 × 2 mm