I am a mechanical design engineer based in Grimsargh, UK with over 26 years of design experience in many industrial sectors including military, process machine design, pharmaceuticals, electro-mechanical, material handling systems and oil industry (to many to mention them all). I have my own design consultancy and my current client is Bosch Packaging where i am leading a team of design engineers to design a new tablet coating machine for the pharmaceutical industry. In fact the machine has some parts printed from my 3d printer to prototype new ideas for testing before being manufactured.

I became interested in 3D printers when i was looking to set up a business with a friend and we needed to rapid prototype parts and the cheapest way was to make my own 3d printer. The first prototype was a delta printer based on Johann rostock printer made out of wood and linear bearing slides. Using this prototype i built my second printer out of aluminium extrusions and preloaded slides, igus rod ends and a wooden base and top. From the second printer i created the current machine which i am hoping people will like. I have done extensive testings on the igus rod ends and slides making sure there is no play in the moving mechanisms. Using the smoothie board electronics the calibration is simplified as it has a levelling strategy to compensate for any errors in build of the delta printer.